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A Avrielle tem uma nova parceria!

Com o fim de servir ainda melhor as suas Clientes na loja do Centro Colombo, a Avrielle decidiu aumentar a sua oferta de produtos à roupa interior de alta qualidade e design. Numa parceria com a conceituada marca JANIRA, as Read the Rest…

Find your right bra size

When you are being fitted by an Avrielle Consultant, she will have to measure you to determine your correct bra size.

Find our consultant closest to you

Avrielle Consultants were trained to find the right size for you: your “Perfect Fit”. Find the consultant closest to you.


“Avrielle bras are sooo comfortable! I was amazed that there was no ‘break-in’ period – it felt perfect from the first moment I had it on. It doesn’t ride up my back, and all the pressure is gone from my shoulders and neck. Love it!”

Jane, London, ON


(Português) Avrielle abriu uma loja no Centro Colombo
8 February 2014

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Portuguese.

Come and try your perfect fit bra!
5 April 2013

Avrielle willhold a bra clinic at MySecret, the parafarmácia located at Casa da Guia, Cascais, next Thursday, April 10th at 18:00 hours. Come and enjoy the Avrielle experience for a comfortable feeling!